INTERPART Product-List

 Part Number   Description   Brand 
320/08765Drive BeltINTERPART
320/08773Replaced By - 320/08921INTERPART
320/08923Idler PulleyINTERPART
320/08931Idler Assy - Non A/CINTERPART
320/09022Replaced By - 320/09454INTERPART
320/09026Replaced By - 320/09454INTERPART
320/09032Replaced By - 320/09454INTERPART
320/09035Replaced By - 320/09454INTERPART
320/09106Piston Ring Kit 448INTERPART
320/09144Replaced By - 320/09454INTERPART
320/09200Rocker Gasket KitINTERPART
320/09201Crankshaft KitINTERPART
320/09202Main Bearings StdINTERPART
320/09203Main Bearing Kit 0.25UsINTERPART
320/09204Main Bearing Kit 0.5UsINTERPART
320/09205Replaced By - 2 x 320/03270INTERPART
320/09206Kit Bearing End 0.25UsINTERPART
320/09207Replaced By - 320/09340INTERPART
320/09208Thrust Washer KitINTERPART
320/09209Thrust Washer Kit - +0.20INTERPART
320/09210Piston Kit-Std Nat AspINTERPART
320/09211Piston Kit-Std TurboINTERPART
320/09212Piston Kit - Std TcaINTERPART
320/09213Replaced By - 320/09299INTERPART
320/09214Piston Ring Kit +0.5 O/SINTERPART
320/09215Piston Ring Kit 1.0OsINTERPART
320/09216Gasket - Top SetINTERPART
320/09217Gasket - Top SetINTERPART
320/09219Kit - Oil PanINTERPART
320/09236Kit Piston 0.50mm O/SINTERPART
320/09238Piston Assy With Rings - + 0.50mmINTERPART
320/09239Piston Kit +1.0 o/sINTERPART
320/09240Piston - Inc. Rings + Pin 0.50mmINTERPART
320/09244Crankshaft KitINTERPART
320/09246Head cylinder assemblyINTERPART
320/09247Cly Head KitINTERPART
320/09248Head AssyINTERPART
320/09249Piston Assy and Rings (Std)INTERPART
320/09253Replaced By - 320/09335INTERPART
320/09254Main Bearing Kit - 0.25UsINTERPART
320/09255Replaced By - 320/09337INTERPART
320/09256Crankshaft KitINTERPART
320/09258Piston Assy With Rings - + 0.50mmINTERPART
320/09259Piston Kit 1.0INTERPART
320/09280Replaced By - 320/09382INTERPART
320/09281Replaced By - 320/09383INTERPART
320/09295Piston Ring Kit - O/S +0.50mmINTERPART
320/09297Gasket - Top SetINTERPART
320/09298Replaced By - 320/09383INTERPART
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